Una soluzione centralizzata sostituisce 15 impianti bordo macchina

Micronfilter was contacted by an Italian customer who is a primary supplier to the automotive field, the client was looking for an alternative solution to handle their coolant filtration problems.

The client’s current system consisted of 15 centrifuges mounted at each machine, which was expensive to maintain and operate. The client was looking for a way to reduce management costs, maintenance periods, and increase the system flow capabilities without needing to use other difficult solutions such a pre-coat filters.

Micronfilter designed a centralized coolant filtration system to meet this clients unique requirements. The Micronfilter solution includes (15) coolant transfer tanks to pump the dirty coolant back to our centralized filtration system. The dirty coolant first passes through our MicronFilter self-cleaning drum filter to remove large volumes of solids without the use of disposable filter media. Next, the pre-filtered coolant is then pumped through a series of large pleated media filters rated at 3-5 micron. Temperature of the coolant is provided by an integrated an 85 kW chiller. The system also includes two clean coolant supply pumps, one pump is available as a reserve should the main system pump ever need servicing. A Siemens PLC constantly monitors and controls of the system.

With the Micronfilter centralized coolant filtration system the customer was able to increase their valuable manufacturing floor space, all of the previously used centrifugal systems were removed. All maintenance has been centralized to just one system and keeping the manufacturing plant clean has been simplified. The client reports that the new Micronfilter coolant filtration system with temperature control has also allowed for them to improve their production quality of parts manufactured. Lastly, the costs for maintenance have been significantly reduced.

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