Micronfilter partnership offers turnkey solutions to the World

The largest Italian manufacturer of grinding machines commissioned Micronfilter designing a filtering solution for two grinders working with neat oil, purchased by one of the most important brands among the automotive subcontractors. The final place of installation of the equipment is Mexico. The grinding machines perform a machining precision and very complex process, using three different lubricant filling stations, respectively low, medium and high pressure (the latter at 50 bar).

Micronfilter proposes a self-cleaning solution in which the main filtration is performed through a SPIN 1400 coolant filter in support of which is provided a magnetic disc separator KALAMIT 500 for the pre-filtration step and a final filtration stage at 10 microns, operated through OIL CLEAN 2. The self-cleaning coolant filter SPIN is also equipped with sludge squeezer, in order to obtain a consistent oil recovery and a dry sludge. To Micronfilter is also assigned the task of carrying out the contaminated lube oil from the machine tool to the filtering station, task performed by adopting special transfer tanks, associated to the clean oil tank having a volume of over 3,500 liters.

The whole system is controlled and managed by an electronic control panel with Siemens Programmable Logic Controller