One of our customers based in AUSTRALIA required the conversion / CNC retrofit of an old Pratt & Whitney gun-drilling machine. The new modified deep-hole gun-drilling machine will have two servo controlled saddles with (2) 15 kW drill spindles side-by-side on the machine. Coolant exit was approx. 1000 - 1200 mm off the ground on the back of the machine. Coolant was a neat oil. The customer wanted a complete control package that could be integrated into their Siemens CNC control. The drill diameter was 52mm, hole depth 1600mm, drill time approx. 25 Minutes. That goes x2 (2 drills). So this generates allot of heat!! 

We included chillers, customer wanted to control the coolant temperature to around 30 - 40 °C. We decided we needed to have a conveyor removing the chips being generated and the conveyor needed to be integrated with the coolant filter system. All pumps present in the unit were controlled by INVERTER anc managed by the filtering unit PLC.

The result was an imponent filtering unit that, after a successfull full test, using coolant, (at the customer presence) was shipped to the opposite part of the World.