One of our Italian customer, a leading supplier of high technology components for automotive sector and one of the best known Italian companies, contacted us in order to look for a valid alternative to adjuvant filters (DIATOMACEOUS EARTH FILTRATION), historically used in its production cycle, but very expensive and demanding hard operations for maintenance.

The liquid to be treated was heavily polluted by fine dusts of abrasive material (silicon carbide), which risked compromising the functionality of the new machines, as well as the quality of the parts produced.

In order to solve the problem, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring continuity in three shifts, Micronfilter has proposed an integrated solution, consisting of a Maxflow filter having a filter fabric with high efficiency, and a double battery of oil clean filters for super filtration through cartridges.

This solution was able to improve the level of filtration while not interrupting the machine cycle for the maintenance operations, ensuring a considerable economic savings.